The Community Rights (CommRights) project aims to improve the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) to continue with citizen engagement work beyond the lifespan of the project. To this end, the LRF Community Rights program will award three Community Rights Action Grants per year to three community-based organizations (CBOs) that work in LRF ComRights program geographical areas[1]. The maximum value of the grant shall be USD12000.00 for a duration of 9 months. CBOs proposals shall focus on activities aimed at identification of issues that are of interest to citizens as well as community development interventions. CBO’s shall also work closely with local LRF’s Community Rights Resources Persons (CRRPs)[2] who will work collaboratively with different stakeholders in exploring solutions to the identified issues. During this period, the LRF will support the identified CBOs through various approaches such as mentorship, peer learning, networking and other techniques agreed upon with the CBO.

Selection Criteria for Community Based Organisations

LRF will support initiatives that aim to:

Process Monitoring and Desired Change

The selected organisations will be required to submit periodic progress reports including their use of funds or resources availed to them. They will write how they are working and the key results they are producing (results monitoring) from their activities. They will have a process of documenting results, challenges/ issues and mitigation measures and lessons learnt.  They will be willing to get additional help from LRF in such ways as program monitoring, financial spot checks, and joint action.

Community Rights Action Grant Mechanism

Publication of Call – 24 August 2022

Interested CBOs should request for concept note template and submit a completed version by 1700hrs on 31st August 2022   to  copying The subject line should have the acronym CRAG and the name of applying organization i.e ‘CRAG – XSVT’. The time when the email is received will be considered the time of submission. Any technical issues relating to electronic submission are at the risk of the applicant. Proposals sent after the cut-off time will not be assessed.

Shortlisted applicants based on the proposals will be informed by 9 September 2022. The final selection will be made on the basis of a comparison of the proposals and organizational profile by the internal and external evaluators.

The signing of grants will be done on September 23rd, 2022

Contact details

Legal Resources Foundation – 16 Oxford Road, Avondale, Harare.

Email: copying

Telephone: +263242333707

[1]  Hopley, Mutare, Nyanga, Gwanda, Chivi, Gutu, Gweru, *Kwekwe, Epworth, Cowdry Park

[2] CRRPs are trained volunteers who serve as first point of contact for citizens in addressing questions and concerns about their rights. The LRF will equip them with knowledge, skills, and resources to direct citizens to public institutions, CSOs, and private sector institutions that could address their questions about their rights.

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