Legal Education

Legal Education

It is critical that people are made aware of their rights and responsibilities and empowered, through legal knowledge, to assert their rights and demand justice. The LRF reaches out to communities, particularly those in hard to reach areas, raising awareness and empowering communities and individuals to use and shape the law.

Some of the activities we do:

Training of Community Paralegals

The LRF trains community volunteers who support members of their community through legal education, referral services and provision of primary legal support. To date, we have 552 paralegals who are active in communities.

Community Outreaches

The LRF conducts brief sessions with communities, raising awareness on legal issues which affect them on a day to day basis such as birth registration, gender- based violence, child rights, child abuse, inheritance, maintenance and marriage and the law.

Training of Peer Legal Advisors

In line with the need to ensure that no one is left behind, the LRF trains children and young people as peer legal advisors who support their communities by providing legal information and identifying cases of child abuse referring them to relevant institutions. 

Capacity Building of Community Based Organizations

We work with CBOs by building their capacity to use advocacy to demand for   transparency, accountability, respect and promotion of human rights. The workshops focus on addressing service delivery challenges such as access to clean water, access to health facilities, right to education and respect for fundamental human rights.

Radio Programmes

Radio programmes enable us to reach out to the generality of the population with our legal education interventions. We established strong partnerships with radio stations which enable us to raise awareness as well as discuss current legal developments whilst reaching a wider audience. Radio platforms provide us with the opportunity to reach and assist people from all corners of the country empowering them with legal information. Some of these people find it difficult to attend the LRF education sessions for various reasons hence the radio programmes provide an ideal platform for them to obtain requisite legal information.

Information, Education and Communication Materials

We produce IEC material in the form of pamphlets, leaflets and posters which we distribute through information centres that we have established across the country. We ensure we do not leave anyone behind by translating the pamphlets into the official languages and in disability friendly form. The IEC materials are simplified so that people are able to understand complex legal concepts. The LRF currently has 25 topics available in English, Shona, Ndebele, Tonga, Venda, braille, audio book format and sign language videos.