The LRF Executive Director, Mrs. Valerie Zviuya honored with the prestigious Director Of the Year Award under the NGOs and Civil Society category, July 2023

27 July 2023

The Legal Resources Foundation board of trustees and staff is delighted to extend its warmest congratulations to Mrs. Valerie Zviuya, the esteemed Executive Director of Legal Resources Foundation (LRF), on being honoured with the prestigious Director of the Year – NGOs and Civil Society Category Award at the Director of the Year Awards (DOYA) that took place on the 6th of July 2023 at Cresta Lodge in Harare. The Director of the Year Awards are a public recognition of the key role that directors play, not only in the Zimbabwean economy but also in job preservation and creation. They place emphasis on individual excellence and achievement.

The LRF would like to express its deepest gratitude to the Director of the Year Awards for recognizing Mrs. Valerie Zviuya’s immense contributions to society. Mrs. Zviuya’s remarkable achievements elaborate on her exemplary leadership, unwavering commitment, and unparalleled dedication to promoting human rights and access to justice. Her strategic approach has enabled LRF to forge strong partnerships with both local and international stakeholders, effectively amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and communities. Under Mrs. Zviuya’s visionary guidance, the LRF has been at the forefront of initiatives through innovative programs, advocacy campaigns, and impactful projects, to promote social justice, bridge the gaps in access to justice, and empower individuals to exercise their rights. The Legal Resources Foundation remains committed to the promotion of human rights and access to justice for every individual. Our resolve to promote human rights, foster inclusivity, and advocate for justice has only been strengthened through her leadership and passion.

Congratulations Valerie!! Makorokoto!! Amhlope!!

With Gratitude

The Legal Resources Foundation

The Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) is a registered non-governmental organization that was formed in 1984 works to improve access to justice and promote human rights in Zimbabwe. LRF works with state institutions and independent commissions to strengthen the justice system, building capacities of officials responsible for the administration and delivery of justice.  LRF also works with disadvantaged groups, particularly women, marginalized communities, ethnic and linguistic minority groups, and children; in the areas of children’s rights, disability rights, women’s rights, education, and human rights; through legal education, free legal services, contributing to Law and Policy reform through advocacy, research, public interest litigation, strategic litigation, and stakeholder capacity building. Underprivileged people obtain free legal advice and assistance from lawyers and paralegals located in all of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces. LRF operates in 5 centers that cover all the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe.

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