The LRF works with authorities and institutions to strengthen the justice system, identifying barriers to accessing justice and addressing these through building the capacities of officials responsible for the administration and delivery of justice. Our programmes have also improved the delivery of justice in rural and marginalized areas, both through building the capacity of traditional leaders across the country on professional court processes and also individuals by making them aware of how the customary law courts function and their rights when they appear before the court.

The following services are offered by LRF:

Traditional Leaders Training

The LRF has continued with its capacity building of chiefs and headmen across the country on court processes. LRF also conducts awareness raising sessions, empowering communities and individuals on their rights as they relate to customary law courts and also making them aware of how the courts function.

Training with the police and prison officers

The training of Prison Officers is targeted towards capacity building of the officers while at the same time reducing human rights violations in the prisons. The officers were trained on the Mandela Rules on the treatment of inmates, the Constitution, the Declaration of Rights and special categories of prisoners, such as juveniles and the mentally handicapped. This initiative has been much appreciated by the Prison Officers in that it is building their capacity and improving the way in which they have been handling prisoners.

LRF also trains police officers from the Victim Friendly Unit on the essential elements of sexual offences, gender-based violence, child rights and child sexual abuse, child marriages, the rights of accused persons as provided in the Constitution and the management and preparation of dockets.

This training will help to ensure that these police officers are better equipped to handle GBV cases, ensuring that justice prevails for survivors.